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Jun Sato



Omakase Jun Chan is Here!

After numerous requests and continuous support, a Jun Sato character has finally been completed. His name is “Omakase Jun Chan” (Leave it to me! Jun). In the design, he is wearing sports clothing. He is also running while carrying a bag of rice like a rugby ball. We designed him to be athletic and running, because I believe that light and nimble footwork is the best way to resolve difficult problems. “Leave it to me! Jun” is carrying a bag of rice as he runs, because Niigata is famous for producing Japan’s highest quality rice. I hope this new character can help to bring us all closer together and help to promote a safe and friendly lifestyle.
If you have any ideas for Niigata or know of any problems, please let me know. It doesn’t matter how trivial it may seem. I would like to hear your opinions and help make this area the best that it can be for all of us.



Mr. Jun Sato was born in 1969 in Kounanku (current day Niigata City), Niigata prefecture, Japan. His father, Takashi Sato, was a member of the Japanese Lower House of Representatives and also served as the Japanese Minister of Agriculture. In 1985 Takashi Sato was awarded a United Nations Peace Medal for his contributions to the international community.

In high school Jun Sato attended Cranbrook School in Sydney Australia. He then returned to Japan and graduated from Meikai University. Inspired by his father’s work, and with a desire to work for Japan and his local community, Mr. Sato decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a politician.

Political Service Record

Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture
Assistant to the Minister of Finance


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